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Monthly Archives: October 2021

  1. 2021 Toyota Tacoma - Canopy - RSI SmartCap

    We installed a RSI SmartCap Canopy onto a 2021 Toyota Tacoma. The canopy is forged from steel, not fiberglass; making it one of the strongest in the industry. The customer choose to purchase additional components for their canopy which included the Kitchen-Bin, Drawer-Bin, and StowAway Table. Installation was difficult and required a large amount of space and strength. 

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  2. 2012 Ford F250 - Truck Bed Rack & Basket - Yakima

    We installed a truck bed rack and basket onto a 2012 Ford F250. This is the Overhaul HD bed rack system manufactured by Yakima. The bed racks are adjustable vertically and secured to the vehicle by being clamped around the vehicles existing side rails. On top of the rack sits the Offgrid basket also manufactured by Yakima. 


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  3. 2021 Ford F150 - Truck Bed Cover - Retrax

    We installed a truck bed cover onto a 2021 Ford F150. The cover was manufactured by Retrax, part #T-80378. This is the XR cover, meaning this cover is equipped with channels in the side rails allowing for mounting accessories. This installation required us to build the system prior to putting it into the truck bed and secure it by clamping the rails onto the vehicles existing side rails. We would recommend a second pare of hands for this installation. 

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