We installed a winch, backbone platform system, and sidesteps onto a 2022 Jeep Wrangler. The winch was manufactured by Warn Industries using parts # 87310, 100650 and 101255. This installation was tedious and required us to take apart the entire front bumper to attach the winch and make sure the electrical components work. This was no easy process and required multiple hours of work from our trained specialists. The platform setup was manufactured by Rhino Rack and is supported using their Backbone system. This installation required us to drill into the hardtop of the vehicle and install metal supports on the inside that line up with the roof fixtures to go where the bases are positioned. Attaching to the bases is the pioneer platform that has channels that run the length of the slates for mounting of accessories such as the ones pictured (sunseeker awning, hi-lift jack, recovery boards). This installation was tedious and requires a second pair of hands. The sidesteps were manufactured by RockSlide Engineering. These sidesteps provide coverage from rocks and debris while featuring electric drop down step when the door is opened. These steps were no easy install and required extensive electrical knowledge from trained specialists.