Curt - A16 5th Wheel Hitch with Roller and Ram Puck System Adapter - 16685

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The CURT A16 5th wheel hitch excels in easy operation and stable, quiet 5th wheel towing. It does this with two key features: a single-throw handle and a patented head design. The single-throw handle only needs to be pulled once when coupling and uncoupling. It is designed to self-reset to the ready-to-couple position after uncoupling, allowing for fewer steps while hooking up your trailer. The patented head of the A16 features a cast yoke with poly-torsion inserts as well as interlocking jaws to create stability for your truck and trailer. These components allow the A16 to suppress shock and vibrations and reduce any additional noise coming from your trailer. The A16 also has an extra wide head to make coupling even easier, one-pin head removal to make it simple to move the hitch, and a GTW rating of 16,000 lbs. This 16K 5th wheel hitch comes with the CURT R16 roller and the CURT OEM puck system 5th wheel roller adapter. It is designed to be mounted on a Ram short-bed pickup with the truck bed puck system. Using a set of quarter-turn anchors, the adapter quickly and easily drop into the pucks, instantly mounting the A16 hitch and roller and equipping the truck for 5th wheel towing. Once installed, the R16 roller allows for added clearance when making tight turns with your trailer. CURT 5th wheel rollers are true rolling units, meaning they actually roll on wheels that bear the weight of the trailer rather than simply sliding on hollow rods as seen in competitive models. With a thick operating handle, the roller smoothly rolls the 5th wheel head forward and back, locking securely into each position as desired. CURT rollers also provide up to 12" of displacement as well, unlike the more common 10", to give you a wide range of motion and plenty of space to get your RV or other 5th wheel trailer around any turn. This A16 hitch with puck system roller is only intended to fit the Ram puck system and cannot be installed without it.
Fits Ram short-bed pickups with the OEM truck bed puck system
Quarter-turn anchoring system provides quick installation and removal
Adjustable anchors to eliminate chucking between the legs and under-bed platform
R16 5th wheel roller #16560 provides 12" of travel in the truck bed
Lockable handle self-resets to the ready-to-couple position after uncoupling
Cast yoke with poly-torsion inserts to suppress shock loads and reduce noise
Fully articulating torsion head for controlled coupling and stable towing
High-strength, interlocking jaws fully wrap the kingpin to minimize noise
Extra-wide head opening for easier coupling
Requires Ram puck system for installation (intended for short-bed trucks)
Includes A16 5th wheel hitch head #16520, R16 roller #16560 and Ram puck system adapter #16022
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Brands Curt Manufacturing
Manufacturer SKU 16685
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