Weathertech 8RC5258 WeatherTech® Roll Up Truck Bed Cover

Seat Covers Weathertech 8RC5258 WeatherTech® Roll Up Truck Bed Cover
Weathertech 8RC5258 WeatherTech® Roll Up Truck Bed Cover
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Product Information
The WeatherTech Roll Up Truck Bed Cover is the newest custom-fit solution to the WeatherTech line of automotive accessories, perfect for any individuals looking to increase the utility of their truck bed. Easy for hauling the Roll Up Truck Bed Cover keeps cargo away from the elements when covered and stays out of the way for oversized cargo. Featuring the AutoLatch II automatic dual locking system releases with one smooth downward pull when used with a locked tailgate it provides excellent security.Attractive, low profile design provides a sleek addition to your truck. It rises only 1, not taking away from the attractive appearance of your vehicle, but reducing aerodynamic drag and increasing gas mileage. Only taking seconds to open/close, it is easy to use for one person operation. Made from a textured, double-coated commercial grade reinforced vinyl that stays flexible in temperature extremes and 6000 Series aluminum black bars, bows and rails. Tough nylon straps allows for it to be stored completely out of the way of cargo when open and prevent any scratching to occur on the cabin. The WeatherTech Roll Up Truck Bed Cover is water resistant, featuring front and rear seals that form a tight barrier between the truck and cover, as well as the hook and latch fastening side seals.Installation is easy with no need to drill into the truck bed uses a Tight-Bite clamp system. Tension is changed with a grip tension adjuster that provides easy control with just the turn of an XT-Dial no tools needed!
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Brands Weathertech
Manufacturer SKU 8RC5258
Return period 90 days
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Year Make Model Submodel Bedlength Wheelbase Bodydoor Bodytype Rooftype
2007 Toyota Tundra Base 97.6
2007 Toyota Tundra SR5 97.6
2008 Toyota Tundra Base 97.6
2008 Toyota Tundra SR5 97.6
2009 Toyota Tundra Base 97.6
2009 Toyota Tundra SR5 97.6
2010 Toyota Tundra Base 97.6
2010 Toyota Tundra SR5 97.6
2011 Toyota Tundra Base 97.6
2011 Toyota Tundra SR5 97.6
2012 Toyota Tundra Base 97.6
2013 Toyota Tundra Base 97.6
2013 Toyota Tundra SR5 97.6
2014 Toyota Tundra SR 97.6
2014 Toyota Tundra SR5 97.6
2015 Toyota Tundra SR 97.6
2015 Toyota Tundra SR5 97.6
2016 Toyota Tundra SR 97.6
2016 Toyota Tundra SR5 97.6
2017 Toyota Tundra SR 97.6
2017 Toyota Tundra SR5 97.6
2018 Toyota Tundra SR 97.6
2018 Toyota Tundra SR5 97.6
2019 Toyota Tundra SR 97.6
2019 Toyota Tundra SR5 97.6
2020 Toyota Tundra Base 97.6
2020 Toyota Tundra SR 97.6
2020 Toyota Tundra SR5 97.6
2021 Toyota Tundra SR 97.6
2021 Toyota Tundra SR5 97.6